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Rating: R for awkwardness Language
Warnings: Sweet enough to put you in a diabetic coma
Word Count: 21k~ish
Summary: Written for this prompt over at the tronkinkmeme (Round 4)
Kevin’s alive, and now that he’s back there are a number of things he needs to learn about his son. Like his attraction to Eddie.
Disclaimer/Author's note: If I owned all these rights, I'd be making this movie, not writing it under anon, man

recompiled and slightly proofed here
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fic: part of the plan

Title: Part of The Plan
Author/Artist: releaserinzler
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1,179
Summary: They shouldn't be doing this. It's forbidden in every way, shape, and form. Edward Dillinger Jr's father had always told his son to keep away from Sam Flynn. He wouldn't want to know what his father would say if he saw him now.
Disclaimer/Author's note: Bro, I don't own nothing. But I did use the beginning scene from TRON:Legacy when Sam is breaking into ENCOM for the base of this fic. Still don't own it. Wish I did, but I don't. Also, I don't think I tagged this properly or whatever :/

{ Part of The Plan }
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Mix: "You Told Me Life Was A Risk"

Title: You Told Me Life Was A Risk
Author: aeon_entwined
Rating: R
Genre: Romance
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Ed Jr.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything is copyright to the original artists. The boys belong to Disney.
Notes: Mostly inspired by all the Tumblr folks. You guys are amazing. Never change, alright? ♥

{Track listing, lyrics, artwork and download link here ...}
SPN // Sam // just made out with satan

Fic: Comin' Home

Title: Comin' Home
Author: aeon_entwined
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Ed Jr.
Spoilers: post-Legacy
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~400
Disclaimer: Disney owns everything. Garrett Hedlund and Cillian Murphy own themselves. Just playing in the sandbox for the love of fandom.
Summary: Long-distance relationships take work. At least, that's what everyone says. What they're trying isn't even long-distance. More like "long trips interspersed with plane flights".
Notes: Written for oceansex ♥ and inspired by THIS song.

{Comin' Home}
SPN // Sam // just made out with satan

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SPN // Sam // just made out with satan


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